Inseparable. Infallible. Sometimes Incomprehensible.

Yes! That’s what the relationship between Henecians (I’m including those lovely TripleS who love HJ into Henecians, please don’t mind me) and Hyun Joong looks like to outsiders. While a sizeable chunk of the world is now waking up to the truth, there are still people who doubt him and speak ill about our Joongie. Some, are hung up on the text messages criminal suspect A has shown – which may be completely out of context or might not even be real. That being said, I opine that whatever was said in that text was private and totally his business. By revealing private text messages, criminal suspect A has violated Hyun Joong’s right to live a dignified life and she will be persecuted for it! When did they say is the next hearing again? LOL! 30th October I can’t wait! Just before Halloween that too!

But I digress! Over the past months, I have noticed a shift in opinions of general public. What began as shaming comments to HJ turned to dubious questions being raised about criminal suspect A’s lack of ANY form of solid proof. Sure, she has text messages; but are they even real? Worst part is, there are glaring holes and discrepancies present in her text messages! It has been more than a month since she has apparently “given birth” but there has been no news released about the child’s gender, blood group or even the much needed DNA test – which had she really given birth to HJ’s child – would have been her sure shot ticket to securing a spot next to HJ. The fact that she is insisting he “accompany” her to the clinic for the test shows that they might have an ulterior motive. Maybe they want to settle? This is just me thinking out loud and nothing else. There are more and more artists from his own field coming out, speaking a good word or two about Hyun Joong, testifying to his goodness of character, non-fans suddenly or gradually coming into their senses and questioning the unfair way in which Hyun Joong was condemned without even being given a chance to speak his side of the unfortunate event – which I’m pretty sure is the truth! And why would I think otherwise when HJ’s side has always been consistent in their statements unlike criminal suspect A’s claims which keep changing according to her whims.


I for one am REALLY glad that Hyun Joong has no intention of meeting her! And would like to applaud Mr. Lee Jae Man for the swiftness with which he responds to their machinations and fabrications! Because, after all – the truth has more value than manipulations! Meanwhile, HJ our namja has been working hard in the military. He has trained hard and participated in the athletic competition. I wonder if he has won any prizes? πŸ™‚

While HJ has been toiling in the army, his fans have not been less busy! There have been donations to charity done in the name of Hyun Joong, support sent to Hyun Joong and his entire camp, food support sent to Atty Lee, letters – droves and droves of letters written by hundreds and thousands of fans, read and translated to Hangul and sent to HJ so that it is easier for him to know that he has our support. New fan clubsΒ sprouting out, new Arab website established! Congratulations again! πŸ™‚ So stoked! There have also been polls where fans are viciously watching, voting and encouraging each other to vote, spreading the news in all pages and groups so that our Only One tops all the contests!


Now tell me, if this is an exemplary example of love or not? I am awed, honored and humbled to be around each and every one to whom, Hyun Joong’s safety is paramount, his happiness their priority. I’m talking about those of you whom I have been speaking to for a while and who have thought I am worthy enough to share their stories with me. You all are amazing women with such strength in character, it amazes me! I am not going to take out names here. I am assuming you will know it is you when you read this part of my blog. ❀ We are in a state where nothing else matters to us but Hyun Joong’s happiness and his safe return! Haters, antis, KE all be damned. We are enough and we will bring Hyun Joong back to the top once again when he gets back. And that’s not even a big deal for us, that is but a natural thing that we would do for our Joongie! We are Inseparable and infallible when it comes to our love for Hyun Joong! Let’s keep sending him tons and tons of love through mails, messages and comments on daum and naver blogs! Because, he needs to know we are here for him. He needs to know we are here for him, waiting, keeping our side of the promise to wait so that he knows that there is something he needs to get back to once he is done with his military service.


I cannot wait for him to be back from his duty; all manned up, serious faced and hiding that golden smile that he smiles only for us. Remember this, just like how he is our only one – we are his only ones too! Each one of us in the same measure! His voice messages have been a source of joy to us all and it is heartening to see how everybody derive their strength from it! He really is a magician! πŸ™‚ I only wish we could get a glimpse of him again. It’s been too long and I miss him so! I cannot wait for Hyun Joong to release his comeback album, I cannot wait to see him in a black Tuxedo wearing a white carnation, I can’t wait to see him waving his hand to us, wearing a brown strap watch that I LOVE to see him wear! I just want him to be back to us and be happy. That’s all!

My message to Kim Hyun Joong:

Joongie, you are really lucky to have such amazing people as your fans. These women and men as well, love you like family and we’ll support you through and through! We believe you and we shall be with you every step of the way. Please eat well and sleep well. Don’t overwork yourself! We have come from 600+ days left to 400+ days left for you to come back. Soon these 400 days will get over and we shall be together again. Just… Do well and get back safe. We are here for you!

To my lovely fan family:

Thank you for the translations. Thank you for the fan projects. Thank you for the military support and finally thank you for the unfailing faith in Hyun Joong. Truly humbled.

Until the next time ~ Spread happiness & love. Not hatred & jealousy.

Joongie Baby Love! Pic Cr. HyunHolicSanu
Joongie Baby Love!
Pic Cr. HyunHolicSanu πŸ™‚

Pic Cr. to owners


29 thoughts on “Inseparable. Infallible. Sometimes Incomprehensible.

  1. sry for late reply,,,,and malvi thnku once agn for ur wonderful article….and yes mala v hvng a special bond due to which v r still connected,,v all live in different country but still v all share a beautiful,loving relationship.slowly slowly all the truth is cuming out,and i am happy all the non fan nw welcuming our oppa,,thy start lvng him,protecting him and taking care of him..and a big thnku to atty lee and seriously miss choi u r gon,,no1 is going to believe ur fake story,,plz stop it nw,,i dnt think u hvng baby at all,nd if u hvng thn shw the world every1 is waitng,,,,, i am tired of fake ur fake story,,,plz stop it,,,,and my dr kim hyun joong v all love u and waiting for ur big smile . and a big thnku to all the fan who supporting caring and loving each other ans spreading all the news,converting all the news to english till now,, thnku so much πŸ™‚ and defiantly v will bring our khj back on top of charts,, my dr oppa plz dnt take much tensn,,just tc of ur health and be safe,,god help u. and v all love u…dnt much think abt haters,just think abt ur families and ur lovely fan,,, love u miss u,,plz cum soon,,, and waiting for 2morrow hearing .. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. You are right. Truth has more value than manipulations.. Our hyunjoong proved it too. I really miss him ;-( let’s stay together and support our joongie forever:-) BIG FIGHTING TO ALL.

  3. Tq henecians for ur support and for this article,I’ll be happy whenever I see his smile, nd hear his voice.KHJ be safe, 477 days will run quickly, come back and give us ur voice treat. Fighting!!

  4. Thank you for your article. Yes, HJ is our only one an we are his only ones. And our support to him shows to the world the truth about HJ. I hope to see a happy HJ very soon.

  5. Thanks for such wonderful Article. We will have good day with Hyun Joong soon. Wait tor your happy Article next time..We can overcome this nightmare. Fighting..πŸ’–πŸ’–

    1. Hi hon!
      Thank you very much for reading my post. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to write as regularly as I would have liked to be. But I assure you I will make time from now on to write more. Thanks to your support πŸ™‚ Let’s pray Joongie is alright! Fighting! ❀

    1. Hello Ma Cher!
      I agree! His happiness is the only thing that matters to us. I hope he’s eating well and sleeping well wherever he is! He needs this time out from the vulgar media, our poor boy! Love to you too hon! take care ❀

  6. Nice to hear from you. I’ve been waiting for your article. I’m just anxious to know the whereabouts of our dear idol KHJ. I hope he is doing well now . I am always praying for his safety. Waiting for his return in the music industry. I’m busy collecting his music album and listen to his songs everyday.

    1. Hi Brenda!
      Thank you so much for reading my post and liking it! That’s so awesome that you are catching up with Hyun Joong πŸ™‚ I’m doing my sharing of watching him in interviews too! Cheers to us! πŸ™‚

  7. Thank You Mal,for another great article..we have been missing your articles! We already miss our Only One since May and your blog posts(among others) makes us feel relieved,makes us to feel closer to Hj and each other when we discuss and rehash the events past,present and visualize our futures -certainly in relation to HJ !
    Ever since i started to love him as a part of my family, i can never stop loving,believing,and hoping for his happiness and well being!Even if he does not know me personally,i am happy if he is happy,where ever he is,who ever he is with..Wish i could see him and hear him sing in his Come back concert after 2017 February!
    So, don’t ever give up on your dreams , are destined to be even bigger in future! Nothing or no one can bring you down with their evil plans because we your fans are here,supporting you every step of your way! HJ Hwaiting!

    1. Unniieeee! Thank you so much for reading and encouraging me all the time. You are the best! I wish joongie gets to know about you and your love and devotion to him. He’s lucky he’s got you. And I’m lucky I got you thanks to Hyun Joong. You’re my precious huhu! πŸ™‚ ❀

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