Kim Hyun Joong Submits Materials For DNA Test.

Well, we all know criminal suspect A downloaded… oops! Gave birth to her baby somewhere in the first week of September and immediately decided to go on to sue Hyun Joong for paternity claim (without informing his side that the baby was born, mind you) saying Hyun Joong refused to do paternity test. *rolls eyes*

Speculations rose, conjectures were and nerves were shattered. On 16th September 2015, Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney Lee Jae Man said that there will be a press conference on 17th where proof that HJ wants the DNA test to be done will be confirmed. I was at work when I heard this and immediately went to panic mode. But, my babies – Hyunholic Sanu and Nixie helped me out. Told me to calm the eff down and analyse. And then it all hit me. Seon goes to media saying HJ’s side refused paternity test? Atty Lee will hold a press conference with proof that HJ submitted to the DNA test. That he has already done his part in complying to the test. Now, they have even paid the clinic for criminal suspect A to do her part of the test. All they have to do is go for it to prove that the baby is his to claim more money. Simple. Then comes a call by Seon to Lee Jae Man about the paternity suit. He said he would talk to his client to get back about it. Few minutes later he calls Atty Lee and tells him they’ll drop the case on the condition that HJ is “present” for the test and they both “go together” for it.


Henecia and TripleS made a hue and cry!

HJ must not meet criminal suspect A alone!

We howled! Let me tell you my reasoning about this (I might be wrong, but this is my blog and I can air out my opinion) so please bear with me. The news that the baby is born has been brought out. Which means DNA tests can be performed. Which means – the truth will be out. Now, in normal cases, any new mother would concentrate on getting her baby and herself accustomed to new life and prove that the baby is the father’s so that she can be done with the whole doubting thing and her baby gets the name of the rightful father. But, criminal suspect A is preparing for a legal battle in October and wants HJ to go with her for the tests. Find any logic here? Please let me know if you do. Before criminal suspect A and her lawyer start talking about October I would like to stop them and ask them to think about the third hearing that is scheduled on 23rd of September 2015. In case they need to gather some evidences (other than text msgs I hope). Now, here is what I think:

> In case a DNA test is carried out I hope it is done so in the presence of an official appointed by court. – I don’t trust this woman who has a history of fraudulent practices such as producing fake x-rays, bruises and even ultra-scans without a name.

> Leaving HJ alone with criminal suspect A is a complete NO-NO! – Because she has assaulted him once and we have seen the bruises on him for days during Phantasm and he still bears the black bruise on his thumb. My poor baby.

> Desperation might lead her to come up with some kind of a twisted deal – Hyun Joong is a nice guy and respects his elders. Criminal suspect A being his noona, he might be at a risk of getting manipulated by her again. Although now I see that he is strong on his decision to fight it out and clear his name once and for all, this might not be possible.

On the 17th September the day dawned bright and night glow spread on the other hemisphere. Henecians and TripleS gathered around with baited breath for news about HJ from attorney Lee Jae Man. And sure enough, true to his word – LJM produced a picture of HJ submitting to the test and announced that Hyun Joong wants the paternity test to be done as that is the ONLY way he can take responsibility. He also showed a letter that HJ had written himself where he expressed his thoughts. Joongie went along to say that whether the baby is his or not, he doesn’t want the baby to be exposed anymore and that he has experienced agony like death since the last year! Look at this guy being so considerate even now! Once proven that the baby is his, he has made it very clear that he will be taking responsibility for it. But that doesn’t mean he will be getting back together or reconciling with criminal suspect A. So for those who are worrying that he might, please breathe easy. These words were said by HJ himself so please for the love of everything Hyun Joong kindly believe him when he says that. Why would he want to get back together with someone who is so lacking in humanity and morality anyway? HJ is not that dumb guys! Please stop the conjectures! Also, the baby is his or not – that has not been confirmed either. So please, stop making assumptions. These kind of statements cause so much harm to HJ. Believe me when I tell you that.

Pic Cr. to owner
Pic Cr. to owner

I couldn’t love Hyun Joong more for being so constant and steadfast in his stance. I am glad  that he is not blindly believing in what criminal suspect A is saying anymore. He looks determined and in control of the course he wants to take. He wants the truth to be out. And for the last part I am extremely grateful! He is not suffering in silence anymore! He is speaking up and making his stance clear. And the media better hear him out and report it right!

I think that the letter Hyun Joong has written and was translated by Allkpop does not add up. It looks like it has been edited and parts have been left out to show that Hyun Joong is already thinking that baby is his. Where as Lee Jae Man himself said that the letter was written by HJ keeping in the voice of “if the baby was his” indeed. And why not I ask? What is wrong in asking for a paternity to be confirmed? Where is the proof that the baby is indeed his? Why should HJ take responsibility of a child who might not even be his in the first place? Mind you it’s not just the money here, knowing Hyun Joong’s love for babies you can imagine how much he must be hurting right now. To be kept in the dark about if the baby is even his or not in the first place!

All that Criminal suspect A and her lawyer are doing is blocking Hyun Joong’s access to the baby, blocking the truth by releasing false news to the media and blocking justice by using various diversionary and delaying tactics thereby making a mockery out of the judicial system. And now they go ahead and say it is a violation of human rights? HOW? Was it ok when text messages of personal nature released to press for all and sundry to see? What problem do they have in co-operating with the DNA test? If they are so confident that the baby is HJ’s it shouldn’t be a matter of where and which clinic they go to right? Plus, we have seen what kind of clinics she goes to in the first place (remember the time she made HJ sit outside while she went in and claimed she went for the test?). Why should Hyun Joong come for the test when he has already submitted his DNA material?! He is in active military duty! Leaves are not a luxury he has! She is being so inconsiderate! I sincerely hope justice is brought about and the truth is out so that Kim Hyun Joong and his family can live a normal life where they are not looked upon with doubt.

Pic Cr. to owner
Pic Cr. to owner

I cannot help but feel pained at the same time looking at all this. Hyun Joong has always been a private person. He has never brought his personal life to the fore. And yet today we saw him submitting a photo of himself while the DNA sample was being collected. While his face looks glorious as always, I see the small changes in them too. Those serious eyes, cheeks chiselled from hardwork. His sensuous lips now tight lipped. He has made it clear that this is not a joke for him at all. Even in the letter he wrote, he has apologised and said that he will become a better person (I might not be able to handle it if he b. He expresses regret of having not being able to clear his stance before. I feel awful for Joongie. If we ourselves are so fed up with criminal suspect A and her lawyer’s “twist the words” game, imagine what HJ himself might be going through?! The pain, confusion, frustration, anxiety and the deceit he’s been through! I hope to God that the truth is brought out and criminal suspect A is brought to justice! Until then, let’s keep believing in Hyun Joong and wait for the results of DNA before jumping to make our own conclusions.

My message to Kim Hyun Joong:

Joongie I’m sorry this has become so public. Sorry you have been through so much. We are all with you and will support you in your every fight, struggle and steps to success. We are here for you honey! Don’t ever doubt our love for you. We have faith in you. Stay strong. Lies don’t run very long. Liars will have to pay. Stay strong. Take care of yourself. I hope it didn’t hurt much when they pulled out your hair. Ah! But you are a tough soldier, it must have nothing for a brave man like you! ❤ Eat well and sleep well. Love you loads honey! I wish you all the success in your new role in the army. Proud to have known you! Fighting!

My dear fellow Henecians, now is the time! Please go to the following links (fresh set) comment on them. It is crucial that we do! Please comment the fact how HJ has always said he’ll take responsibility once the paternity is confirmed.These are the second set of links, so I request you to please spare a few minutes time and write your words so that it is made known that Hyun Joong still has his fans with him! Credits to @HyunHolicSanu for assimilating the links again! If you have missed out the previous set of links, click here and scroll down to find the links! Thank you very very much! 🙂 Special thanks to Sunny (@sunsun_sky) for translating the articles so that fans from around the world can know the truth! Thanks to @Superfandekhj for tweeting the news, images and gifs of the press conference! Here are the links:


Joongie Baby Love! Pic Cr. HyunHolicSanu
Spread love and happiness; not jealousy and hatred.
Pic Cr. HyunHolicSanu 🙂

6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong Submits Materials For DNA Test.

  1. Thank you so much for the information. It relieves my anxiety. I’ve been praying for KHJ’s safety. I never believe about the defamatory news about him. Even if I have not personally meet him,his real character can be seen through his reality shows. I am giving my all out support for him. May God bless him and his family.

  2. thank you Malvi…nicely put as usual. Look who is talking about human rights abuse? Geez never seen such a pair like bitchoi and pig ..dumb and dumbo….but look the mayhem they created! what a vindictive vicious piece of shit this bitchoi, never seen or heard of someone so low trash like this gold digger.
    Hope that Karma will be near her soon.
    I still feel …maybe baby…or no baby? I she playing with fire? for what reason? HJ SAID LOUD AND CLEAR ..DON’T WANT TO SEE HER! WHAT MORE REJECTION THAN THAT?

    Is so frustrating to hear those morons talk and other sites translating BS ….where is the Justice? is there Justice in SK? are they all brain dead in SK that they take the bullshit that bitchoi and pig lawyer saying as farting unicorns? It is so obvious that she is playing and lacking evidences in all that is ridiculous and could be hilarious if it was not Hj involved and “maybe baby” ….no decency at all, what I am saying… this is one word that for sure bitchoi doesn’t know the meaning.

    sorry Malvi, but I feel same as Hj here as he said this issue is tiring and frustrating when we know and see through all the bullshit that bitichoi is selling. Isn’t there any decent Media in SK to make sure to give unbiased news? are there all so hungry for a scandal and not for the Truth?
    well, shame in them, that Bitchoi and her lawyer are bringing SK name to SHAME!

    regardless of what they do HJ is a STAR and will remain a STAR and Hj only brought SK name forward!

  3. I hope everyone goes and posts.. I did my best to post to the one’s I could figure out.. but I felt like I was the only one there.. there were hardly any posts on most of the one’s I posted at.. so let’s get all of the World’s languages posting!!! on every one of them if possible. Great message as usual.. thanks for writing it.

  4. Truly glad to read your thoughts. We know that AllKpop is never honest and ethical with their write up. And for Kim Hyun Joong, no worries. We all are standing behind you and together, we’ll face this obstacle together.
    Thank you, Mal!

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