The Birth of Lies!

September 9, 2015: Atty Lee reveals HJ is taking his 100 day leave after the third hearing i.e., after 23rd September 2015.

September 10, 2015: Dispatch reveals that Choi gave birth last week itself and the baby and the mother are doing well (The last part must have been for those who are concerned about Choi’s health :P).

When asked, Miss A’s lawyer says of course she gave birth last week as a natural progression?? The one who normally runs to media to spread the news thinks it is not really important to speak about the birth? The root cause of the entire case, scandal and agony suffered by millions of people around the world with the Kim family? What the heck Mr. Lawyer? Sometimes I even think if he’s actually a credible one!


Upon asking why they are not revealing the gender of the baby, they say in lieu of public interest?? What crap is he even talking about? When she has submitted fake photos and documents of the assault, fake ultra scans without names, fake and edited sleazy text messages, revealing the sex of the baby will cause her harm? I’m sorry but I still don’t believe the fact that she HAS in fact given birth! Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you supposed to notify the birth father and his family of this “happy” news when the baby was born? How is it that Hyun Joong’s attorney and parents get to know this through the media and that too one week later? From what I see, they must have planned to ask for something (maybe cash, home or a vehicle lol) when HJ came to his home for rest. And since our Joongie has become smarter to their cunning ways, he made a wise decision and postponed his leave to after the third court hearing. This might have made her mad and led her into releasing shit like this to the trash media supreme – Dispatch! In short, it is an act of exploiting media to pressurize Hyun Joong into complying to her demands! Let’s call it the Classic Gold Digging Bitch Syndrome.

Right when we were rejoicing with the fact that now HJ’s side will be able to perform DNA test and verify the paternity claim, Miss A’s side go running to file a paternity suit! Laughable, when HJ’s side have been biding their time all this while for the birth of the child so that they can confirm the paternity. The fat boy even went around to say “HJ’s side refuse to comply?” In their defense:

a) Did you and your pig face posse inform him of the birth?

b) Granted, he’s in the army. Don’t you have Hyun Joong’s dad’s phone number? Why not inform him?

c) Is there even a baby?

d) Haven’t HJ’s side been the one who have ALWAYS insisted for the paternity test from the get go?

In fact, Hyun Joong’s father was so upset, he said he got to know about the baby being born through news! I can only imagine the amount of pain and anguish Hyun Joong’s parents are going through and I admire them for the amazing support they are giving his son. May they derive strength from all of us and know that we stand with them in their fight for justice for their precious son. For, he is precious!


I wish Choi’s side just… STOP and take stock of what they running off with! ‘Coz karma will definitely come and bite them in the ass some day or another! Is this lawyer trying to screw Choi? Is she screwing someone else (other than HJ)? This whole thing is a huge mess! Does she even realize she can be tried in court for blackmail, defamation, providing faulty evidences, felony, falsifying events and for submitting fraudulent reports? Do they even realize how serious the charges against her, I wonder!

What I am really glad about is that HJ is not taking any legal advice from KeyEast’s legal team. (Where are they, by the way? No response to Choi’s new claim?). I admire Attorney Lee Jae Man for his quick thinking, brevity with words and the swiftness in which he responds to the other side’s pathetic attention seeking news. As soon as she makes some stupid comment, Atty Lee strikes them with facts and truth! I’m charged up to see the results of the third hearing! At the same time, I hope HJ’s side or an appointed member of the law is there with the criminal suspect madam A and the baby (if even there is a baby) while the DNA tests are being taken. They are shameless and will definitely not flinch if they have to falsify a DNA test too again! In fact I hope the entire thing is videographed and performed under live streaming! But, I know that it too much to ask hehe!

I wish her face is made public! It is so unfair that Hyun Joong had to suffer SO much alone and isolated while this madam might have been out and about, doing her normal thing as if nothing happened! (Speaking of, why aren’t her parents in the scene at all?! Where are they?).

I hope that there is an end to it. And I believe that truth will be out. I want all those who have wronged my Hyun Joong to be brought to justice! I am sure all of us do! I want the perpetrators of this devious plot to be caught condemned and put in jail! Let’s hope that day comes soon!


My message to Hyun Joong (even though I know he’s in the military right now! :P)

Joongie, be strong. Do not let any of these circus tactics get to you. Please just concentrate on doing well in your service. Atty Lee will bring you justice and we will ensure we will spread the truth! Do not worry about your career – you have us, we will pull you up! I swear to God sometimes I look at your fans – my fellow henecians and think – we would do anything to put you back to where you were! Hope you are eating well and sleeping better. Congratulations on being promoted honey! So proud of you! We all will be here, waiting for you. Fighting with you against your perpetrators. Never doubt that! You are not alone. For the simple fact that we love you whole heartedly and you have become a part of us now. You have no idea how hard we prayed when we heard that a war might break out near the district where you were serving. We were so relieved when there was a truce. What we feel for you is real, strong and infallible! Just, please… Take care of yourself. Never suffer alone, that would sadden me and all of us! Love you loads! Fighting!

Well I’m off to comment on the articles in daum now! Please make sure you guys do it too! Because you see in South Korea things kind of run on popular opinion. So, if there are lots of comments asking and questioning the claim, it might help HJ’s case huhuhu! Credits to HyunholicSanu for assimilating all the links for us to to and comment! I request you all to please go and type your comments in these links! Trust me our words matter! Let’s flood the comment sections! Fighting!……………………

Special thanks to @4everhyun and Sunny (@sunsun_sky) for constantly tweeting about the news and spreading the truth about HJ to far and wide corners! Thank you very very much. You have all our gratitude and love. A shout out Joongie’s parents for being the most amazing and supportive parents and last but not the least, a shout out all of you who have stood by Hyun Joong and each other through thick and thin! Let’s keep our hopes up and get through this! Fighting! ❤

Joongie Baby Love! Pic Cr. HyunHolicSanu
Joongie Baby Love!
Pic Cr. HyunHolicSanu 🙂


13 thoughts on “The Birth of Lies!

  1. At last am able to read your article again.. tq Mal. We will continue to do things that we have done for him and he can count on us. Let’s pray for tomorrow (his press conference) and the 3rd Hearing. Am a firm believer that God will help us in this case and He knows the perfect timing to reveal A’s lies once and for all! Let’s us pray and continue to support each other. Aja, Hwaiting!!!

  2. Let’s pray and insist in our prayers that hyun joong and his family never lose hope and that they insist on getting over this situation and be happy again after all what happened, please pray with power and insistence that a favorable future for our hyun joong will come.

  3. Thank you! I am for first time here , but I will follow you.
    This kind of situation is impossible in my country, because our women are not so cunning and cruel.
    I hope KHJ’s fans are all like you!

  4. This remains me of what happen to KW. He took care of a child for about 9 years before he found out the child was not his. This is why he wrote the song, “she ain’t nothing but a good digger . Does this sound familiar ?

  5. I agree! Someone from the court should be present to help prevent any falsification of evidence. I cannot imagine what Hyunjoong and his family are feeling right now. Sad that such a person can do so much damage and still have the nerve to remain anonymous.

  6. Thank you Malvi, this was needed and is so well written. I hope Karma will reach bitchoi for all the damage and torment she done to so many people.
    don’t give up on writing sweetie!!

  7. Thank you Mal for this beautiful article now! HJ and his family needs us now ..and we have to do all we can to show our support and encourage them to expose the evil that threatens their lives!
    Thank you HJ appa and Omma for your wonderful support to your son and Thank you Attny Lee,for your strong moral support and wise advices to our soldier boy! We,his fans are also there with him in this fight against evil!

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