Shots Fired!

So Joongie’s new album is out! Celebrating 10 years of his career! Some of them rush to buy it. Couple of days later we hear the news of boycott. Now, I was late on arriving at the scene so I didn’t know what was happening. And when I did arrive, boy! What I saw both amused and shocked me.

Us HJ fans can be really mean to each other can’t we? Throwing insults at each other. Badgering each other. Name calling. Turning against each other. Threatening. Blaming. Taunting those who diligently working to spread news about Hyun Joong. Now mind it, I said news about HJ. Not news about the supposed boycott. They are two different things. At the risk of getting a lot of hate for myself, I shall go ahead and write this message to all of you because I care for us being together when HJ returns.

Yummy HJ! :P
                                                 Yummy HJ! 😛

See guys, it’s ok to air out your opinions. What is NOT OK is throwing insults at each other. That’s definitely not throwing good light on yourselves. We’re supposed to be mature & take these things rationally. Not go on a rant. You can air your opinions without blaming others too! I saw a lot of tweets saying those who don’t buy are responsible for his failure. Now, isn’t that a little too much? What will you tell those fans who want to buy the album but don’t have the money or means to purchase the DVDs? Will you be ready to pitch in & buy for them? No, right? Let it rest. It’s their choice. You want to buy the album? Go ahead and buy it. Don’t badger others, you’re being mean.

Those who want to boycott KE, please go ahead and do so. It’s true KeyEast has tried very hard to take advantage of Joongie. The SK fans are doing it to take their stand. They know more than anyone what kind of dynamics works well in their own country. So there must be some way it would work. But please, don’t force the others to stop buying, you’re being mean too. The others are on the mindset that by buying his album, they are still making sure his sale-ability remains intact. So please give them some space too! There are many who are buying the album just because they want to have something of HJ – not with the intention or fear of him losing out – but just for the sake of collecting his work. Please accept that this is fine too.

Hyun Joong The Exotic Gypsy King!
                                                   Hyun Joong The Exotic Gypsy King!

You all have already seen how many non-fans are now opening their eyes towards Hyun Joong’s situation. Some are amazed at the kind of trust & faith we have in each other. Some are saying we are literally like family! But hey! The fight is not over yet! There are still a lot of foolish people out there who think we are pathetic & even stupid. Many are waiting to see when we will fall. And I’m sorry to say this.. But by the way I see some people acting & abusing fellow fans, this might very well be on the way! Oh sure! Some say “This is what KE wants!” but you know what? Shouldn’t our connection with each other be strong enough to withstand these small difference of opinions? Are we that easy to be manipulated? If we stop loving each other & turn against each other at the first drop of the curtain, we are playing right into their hands! Remember that!

I’m shocked at how rude, ungrateful, presumptuous and downright vulgar some tweets have been towards SK fans! This is really not done! Imagine their state please! Hyun Joong is from their own country, the bitch is also from there. They have laws that could persecute them. Laws against defamation. It’s easy to sit from far and call them cheap names. But understand they are doing a lot for HJ too! Some of them are fighting legal battles with that horrible creature for voicing out their doubts! How many of you would do the same if your country’s laws were against you? Please be more understanding towards them. They have received your gifts and helped you all deliver them to HJ’s parents and relatives. They have sent you his fan regalia from SK. They have translated HJ’s news and shared with people so that it can be translated to other languages and sent. They are also the ones who are tirelessly translating your letters to Hyun Joong & sending it to him so that baby can read it happily, think of us as still being there for him!

Imagine if HJ were to see all this? This… This bickering and fighting that is going on? Would he be happy? I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. Nothing would hurt Kim Hyun Joong more than seeing his own fans fighting with each other! So please, calm down & go on with your lives! Stand up for what you believe in but do it without being mean to each other. Be mature. Know this… While you are busy fighting with each other, there is this completely separate section of fans who are quietly and diligently voting for Hyun Joong in all the polls. Making him take the lead. They are sharing their memories of Hyun Joong, they are missing him and they are spreading the truth about him.

There is so much more of truth that will come out from all this that is being revealed. This is bigger than what all of us are even beginning to think. Focus on that! Why waste time hating each other? Channel it into the polls and questioning and deducing the truth. Do we really need all this bickering right now? I don’t think so.

Joongie the Sweetheart!
                                         Joongie the Sweetheart!

Ending this with an apology to all my readers if I offended their sensibilities. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I’m just asking everybody to respect each others’ opinions. At the end of the day – we all love Hyun Joong in our own way (Some weirder than the other. LOL). I am requesting all of you to please, PLEASE help maintain peace with each other. We’re all equals here. Each of our opinion matters, but don’t use that to judge the other person’s love for Hyun Joong, that’s very wrong.

Once again, forgive me if I have spoken out of turn here. You can take my words or leave it. It’s your decision. But I sure hope we are all civil with each other. Let’s stay together & show people that even though we have different opinions, we are still together… For Kim Hyun Joong. Love you all! Please take care and try not to take the South Korean encouragement cheer “fighting!” too literally! 😛

*Spread love & happiness; not jealousy & hatred.

**All pictures taken from the internet; credit to original owners.

Joongie Baby Love! Pic Cr. HyunHolicSanu
Joongie Baby Love!
Pic Cr. HyunHolicSanu 🙂

13 thoughts on “Shots Fired!

  1. Thank you so much for this article . You are so right and I’m glad you wrote this article. I’m not on tweeter. I heard of the boycott and different views among fans but i did not know that they called each other name too. It’s very very sad indeed but I can understand their feeling and their stand point especially the SK fans. In my opinion I thought we should support them in whatever we can because they are so closed with the situation and probably much more hurt than most of us who do not live in Korea. I bought HJ’s 10 years anniversary album because this is the way I can let him know I appreciate his work . i did not think much about KE because I had already lost respect for them. However I respect the reason of the one who don’t buy the album no matter I agree with their reason or not. The fact that they are still with HJ and continue to support him it ‘s good enough for me . I hope this is just a short fired and it will not leave any sour feeling in anyone’s heart.

    No matter how different our opinions are. The one common thing that we all share is we want to support KHJ and want to do our best to support him. Our unity is surely can strengthen our support for him.. If unity is not possible blaming each other is surely not the best way to support him. I believe most of HJ’s fans are mature, each has a good heart and excellent head. I trust we all can encourage each other to pass through this difficult time together..I’m proud to be a member of this fandom and continue to believe in this fandom. We all experienced the bitterness and hurt from KE’s actions therefore i believe we would not want to give each other the same kind of experience again. Forgiveness and move forward together is the way to go.

  2. Dear Malvi

    So much emotion you put in, feel kinda sad with the current situation especially after watching the video, hearing his words from his own letter and seeing his tears. Just couldn’t imagine how he would feel if he knows the story, the news will come to him sooner or later.

    The fans are arguing to the state of using harsh words and blaming each other due to their anger towards KE. I do understand and respect each and everyone’s opinion and stand cos they all make sense. The argument occurs because of their undying support and love towards HJ. HJ will not be in the industry not for two days or two weeks or two months, but two years, quite a long break. Within that long break, there will be more and more new artist to fill in his spot and with the current issue, fans are trying their best to maintain HJ’s name and reputation in the industry. Using all the social media to let everyone know that Henecian will never leave the one and only Kim Hyun Joong aka Justin Timberlake Korea, that is what some of them called him.

    To all SK fans, I would like to steal your space dear Malvi, to thank them so much for all the trouble they took to give us the latest news of HJ, translating every news they got. It is not an easy job to do. They deserve a thumbs up. This doesn’t mean that the overseas fans are not in the picture, i do really hope they don’t get me wrong here. All of us have our own role as his fans. Hopefully we can think wisely and calmly and be united again for the person we love, Kim Hyun Joong. The misunderstanding, the argument, the anger between us, we need to end it before it become sores.

    Thank you dear Malvi for your say, let’s just pray and do our best for him

  3. “…do not give the devil a foothold.” Don’t attack each other, please! Remember people are in awe of our unity and love. Keep that going! We’re all doing our part.

  4. I agree with you on few things… It saddens me that some fans behave in this manner… Not only are they going against what HJ would do or want, but showing the non-fans the ugliness (which makes them happy)… If you are a true HJ fan, ask yourself first, if this is what HJ would want or is this the way HJ would act…
    Also, you are right. some of us cant afford it. I have been a fan since beginning, following him. I have always wanted his cd, etc. I am raising my grand daughter that is only 6 and has cancer… she has a kind that is reoccurring.. she has had it twice now… means chemotherapy twice and surgery twice… traveling over 800 miles round trip every 3 months for her scans and blood work… As much as I love HJ and want his cd, i have to priorotse first… I do all the voting I can tho… love each other and don’t hate… do as HJ would want…

    1. Hi! Thank you very much for sharing your story with me! I’m so sorry to hear about your grand daughter. Will pray for her recovery! You are right about prioritizing. Some of us are so busy hating each other that we sometimes forget to see the good side of things. We’re so busy judging each other, we don’t realize that the other person maybe going through a difficult phase. I know you’ve heard this before… But please don’t worry too much about your grand daughter. I hope she’s a fighter and kicks cancer in there face!
      Thank you for reading my post. I’m glad you thought you could share your story with me and the readers. Take care! 🙂

  5. Well said, I wont buy Im part of the boycott but I keep on voting for him. As I have said before when he comes back I will buy this album even thought it is not of my liking, I will always support him and respect other people’s opinion. The fandom is in disagreement so lets get over it and keep supporting him how our heart and conincience dictate. Respect each other and peace.

  6. Thanks for this sweet heart! My heart is broken when i see the passion the fans have for KHJ turn ugly when they disagree. Passion is beautiful when we remain loving when others have different views.

    1. Love you Dear Mal for writing this article!! You are so right- our Soldier boy would be very much hurt to know what is happening right now..his beloved fans fighting each other..He has enough on his plate ,do we have to add to it? We who love him( i know that ,all of us are in agreement on that fact!) should be thinking of supporting and loving him now,when he needs us most! What ever disagreement you have with each other,please don’t let it destroy our unity..Once our Unity is gone,the enemy will become stronger..don’t let them win..don’t fail HJ.Do what you think is right,explain your point of view peacefully,and leave others to do what They Think is right.Let the Haters and our common enemies do what they are No.1 in doing – hating ,lying and cheating.. and let us,HJ fans, engage in LOVING our Only One!

      1. Thank you so much unnie! Each of the word you said is right! I was more fans were like you instead of being so unsavory towards each other! The ones using abusing language are creating a new name for themselves. And it’s very different from the ones they already had made. It’s sad and it will definitely scare the newer fans to enter our fandom. I hope they wake up and stop all this fighting, ganging up against one person and blaming each other! It’s just sick and we can’t afford this drama right now! Love HJ, respect each others’ choices as you said. Thank you for reading my post as always unnie! You’re perfect and I love you! 😘😘😘

    2. Hi unnie! Yes that’s true! Mistaken passion is never good. And so is ganging up and pestering someone. I find it distasteful the way some of the fans were treated. I wish for peace. And to end this sickening fight.

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