Happy Birthday to Kim Hyun Joong!

Happy Birthday Hyun Joong!

As the clock struck 12 in South Korea, hundreds of fans across the world took to twitter! Hashtag: #HappyHyunJoongDay!

As I too joined in celebrating our special man’s birthday, I realized just how much united we all are in our love for Hyun Joong. Such wonderful things were being written about him and such heart warming messages and wishes were sent to him. I felt overwhelmed seeing that. As I went through the lovely messages on my timeline, I saw how much Hyun Joong is loved by his fans. How much he means to each and every one of us. For some of us it’s like a festival, for some of us it is a day for a party and a day of pure joy!

This has made me realize that no matter what the trash media will say about him, he will always have us – his loyal fans who will pull him up from no matter what kind of depths! I wish he knows that. I wish he knows how precious he is to each one of us! He’s a wonderful man! So sincere, kind, righteous and honest. And soon we shall see him being vindicated of all the blame that has been thrown at him.

Happy Birthday Joongie!
                                                                      Happy Birthday Joongie!

He has been such an inspiration for all of us! He has worked so hard for his fans, he has never taken us for granted. He has always treated each one of us respectfully. He thinks about everybody’s comfort around him, ensures his loved ones are well taken care of. I cannot help but feel proud to be his fan! If not for my sisters giggling over some Korean drama I would have never met Hyun Joong – my “Flame Boy.” And for that, I shall be eternally grateful to them! As I see some of his old videos and pictures, I see a young boy with delicate features, sincerity shining in his eyes and big dreams! Laughing like he has got the world to explore! Now I see a man who has survived the worst kind of treatment at the hands of a cruel creature. A man who is slowly gaining back his strength – both physically and mentally. A man who is giving his all in the new phase of his life without expecting anything but still getting laurels anyway! Look how he made the Squadron Leader! So proud of Hyun Joong!


Hyun Joong has made me feel so many things that I had never felt before! I never knew what missing someone felt like! That is, until I saw Hyun Joong. I never felt I could stick to someone with so much faith and certainty like how I’ve stuck to Hyun Joong. He’s so special. So precious to each and every one of us that we all FELT the relief when we saw him smile in the recent photo from the camp. To be honest, I never thought love can be this deep, pure and everlasting. Each one of us love him in the most purest sense! No matter age, religion, race or caste! That I think is the rarest thing one can ever find! Now I can proudly say that I have witnessed love!

To all the fans out there, celebrating Joongie’s birthday – I hope you all have a great time together! To all of them who are making wonderful videos & collages of him for his birthday – thank you so much! Every video has him and his smiles and it overwhelms me. I hope he finds peace. I hope he regains his strength back in the MS and comes back to us safe and sound in 2017. And that year we’ll all have the biggest birthday celebration for Hyun Joong! ❤ Can’t wait!

HJ and his green sea!
                                                                     HJ and his green sea!

My Message to Kim Hyun Joong on his birthday:

Happy 30th Baby! Hope you have a great day with your teammates! You have made each one of us proud by the way you have always been conducting yourself. We all have faith in you.

Please eat well and take good care of yourself during the months you are in the military. You need your strength and sleep so that you can become an amazing soldier as you said right? 🙂 I was apprehensive when I saw your photo with your friend – you looked so gaunt. But now, seeing your latest photo; with you smiling I am much relieved. All of us are! Keep smiling and doing well. You are good man and an innocent man. Nobody can take that away from you. Stay strong honey! Have faith that things will turn out well.

Happy Birthday again! This is your day! Celebrate it – ‘coz your fans all around the world are celebrating it for you! We believe in you and will never get tired of fighting for you. Because we love you. We trust you and believe you! You have an army waiting for you. And we will wait until you are back and ready for us, we promise you! You deserve all the happiness in the world! All the love in the world is yours! Just let go and begin again with us.

Love you loads ❤

That’s all from me today! Have an amazing weekend! ❤

*Spread love & happiness; not jealousy & hatred.

**All pictures are taken from the internet. Credit goes to owners.


17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hyun Joong!

  1. aww malvi mam i love kim too he is so cutie he is so sweetie i love him day and night everyday. I have put his photo on my room wall everywhere. He is on my heart and my dreams. I love my cutie mam. I love him soo much. can u make me meet him? please mam. I live in madurai.

  2. Hi Malvi

    A bit too late i guess but as people say better late than never cos can still feel the heat of HyunJoong Day. Many happy return for the flower boy whom I known in BOF and now turned to be a manly guy, still can see the chicky side of him. He is back for sure, just look at his recent photo, a smile that we have been waiting for, such a relieve looking at it. M sure the smile that win our heart will keep shining like the star in the sky with the letters and email from the fans. The love keep on flowing from all over the world and that makes him stronger, the best medicine ever.

    As always love reading yours dear, keep up the good work. Your next one please hehehe…….

  3. I just hope and pray that he knows how much we love him and that God heal him from all that pain and we nurse him with our love that it could be like a bandaid to his wounds, I just hope that he can reject any negative thought and replace it with good positive ones so he can go on.

    Happy birthday oppa, I pray that GOD give you more than everything you want and ever wanted, loooooove you so much ^ ^ ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Hi Tina!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reading my post. I hope for what you hope too! I just want him happy.. Let’s pray for it! ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. This article made me cry early in the morning. It is indeed how I feel too. I never thought someone could catch me so strong, since I am a very realistic person with almost no romance in me, with a very handsome husband. And there it was, the beginning of 2014, not long before the nightmare…. I found him, his music, what a voice… It is not just his look,he looks good, his eyes are so deep and black, like an alien. But his extraordinary character, funny comments, his love for us, his care and hardwork and so many things. Once I argued with a hater in soompi, that we defend him not because of his looks, how can they understand, since they have not seen what we have. Such a treasure is KHJ. I really hope that he will not lose his sense of humor and his pure heart will still feel love and most of all-trust to the world around him. I will say here, as well, as I wrote on several sites already – happy birthday, KHJ, we love you.

    1. Hi Mitka!

      Oh no! I’m so sorry I made you cry first thing in the morning! 😦 Apologies! It is true isn’t it? He’s such a sincere man that you cannot help but respond to the love he puts out so guilelessly! He is a treasure to all of us! And I hope he knows how much we all love him and care for him!

  5. Thank you h so mucmalavika you said all I have wanted to say.
    Miss him so much and so happy to see he is doing very well in his duty.

    1. Hi Bella!
      Thank you so much for reading my post! I miss him too! I wish we could fast forward to 2017! Sigh.. He’s such an amazing guy! So happy to hear he’s leading there too! 🙂

  6. thank you for being an OVERTHINKER.. LOL… your thoughts put into words are the thoughts that so many of us have and can’t put into such wonderful words. I look at KHJ and I see a Boy, who’s turned into a man.. who’s face when he was young was so innocent, he probably never expected his emotional weakness’s to be turned against him like it has.. I guess he’ll be a lot more guarded and reluctant to share his feelings with anyone As the Man he’s grown into, but I hope he never loses his Love for life, and knows we trust and care for him. As for me, I see a Son/Child that I want to thrive and Grow strong.

    1. Hello there! 🙂
      Thanks so much for reading my posts and appreciating it. Yes, I fear the same too. He might not trust the media ever again (with good reason) and will be more guarded in the future. Breaks my heart to see such a sincere man being brought down by evil creatures around!
      But he won’t fall as long as he has us! And together we will lift him up and make sure he’s back to his old self as much as possible! I hope he is ok and is doing well! ❤

  7. Annyong Mal,
    Today is one of the GREATEST day that we all are looking forward to. His birthday not merely brings joy to his biological families, friends but to us also, his fandom family. I have never ever joined this much for an idol EXCEPT for Kim Hyun Joong. The feeling of his sincerity and genuine has touched all human over the world.It is such a bless to get to know someone like him who still EXISTS until today..in fact it is amazing that we all are gathered under one roof as ALIEN BIG FAMILY that shares common value although we have some differences in races, religions and countries.
    Today is the beginning of a new, remarkable and memorable journey that we are going through as a big family. We’ve cried, depressed, angered, sympathized and NOW..slowly happy feeling will take over as we know that our Prince Alien will regain his honor soon.
    Thank you, Mal for continuously writing that lift up our spirit and love against each other. God bless all of us, KHJ, KHJ’s family and his true friends.

    1. Hey Hazell!
      Thank you for reading my post and sharing your thoughts. Yes you are right! He will gain back his honor! Thanks to his mother who brought in the lawyer & to Atty Lee for not giving an inch to that horrible creature!
      Let’s pray for the Kim family and their happiness!

  8. wish many many happy returns of day kim hyun joong..happy bday dr.. 🙂 :0) god bless and hope all ur wish cum true.. stay happy n be blessed,,we all waiting for u,yes malavika u r rite,,infact if my friends didnt told me about korean series m nt be able to meet kim hyun joong,,,i dnt knw how i totally engaged in their series,,specially kim hyun joong as slowly slowly i discover and slowly slowly i fell in love with u…i see ur passion for ur music in ur eyes,,amazing dude.. 🙂 :-),,,, i really dnt have any word to describe u,,u r just amazing,honest and a true gentlemen….just be like this whatever the situation we r always with u… we all are a big family … at last a big hug for u..love u and miss u 🙂 🙂 😦 🙂 and dnt feel alone we r always with u..jst enjy ur bday with ur new friend ,,,,,, 🙂 🙂 🙂 keep smiling 🙂 🙂 and thnku malavika for this post,,love u dr.. 🙂

    1. Hi Neha!
      Thank you for reading my post! I remember you asking me from where I download KHJ’s songs 🙂 If you use an android phone, go to your playstore and download mp3 downloader. Once you get it, you can search for his songs. You’ll get it! 🙂 Thanks so much again for reading my posts and sharing your thoughts with me! Appreciate it! Love you loads honey! Take care! 🙂 ❤

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