Revelations and Frustrations!

This post has been long overdue. I have been meaning to speak about this issue for sometime but every time I started writing it, I’ve got choked with emotions & scrapped it. Let’s hope I’m lucky the 7th time (The other 6 posts are still sitting in my draft). So if this post seems disconnected and has no proper flow, please forgive me! I’m sure all of us have been following our boy’s news diligently, watching the lies unravel in front of us! You must know that HJ’s parents have interviewed for 3 magazines for the June issue, 2015. What shook me was what was revealed in the interview; the depth of pain and anguish the Kim family have been through because of this ordeal!

The truth came out! Cr to @4everhyun for translating to English so that people can read!
The truth came out! Cr to @4everhyun for translating to English so that people can read!

Did you all see the images Sir Lee Jae Man has released? She’s apparently gotten beaten on 30th May and gone to Jeju island on 7th June and happily stuck to HJ smiling gleefully and taking pictures! Holding up a “Victory” sign with her dirty little fingers! Tell me, does that look like a woman who has recently gotten hit almost “till death” by her boyfriend?


And if people still want to side with her, call her a victim then they are the biggest jokes to ever walk on this planet! But, I digress. Let me get back. If this whole thing started out as a farce, where Choi – being scorned by Hyun Joong set out to destroy him, then this whole series of allegations that she has made since August 22nd 2015 was all based on One single lie! The whole nightmare has been built on lies! Can you imagine the extent to which she has gone to traumatize Hyun Joong? In the last few months Hyun Joong had left – before he left for MS, it would have been so memorable for all of us had it not been for that one horrible creature!

In the interview, Hyun Joong’s mom denied that he had delayed his enlistment because of all the personal problems involving his life – as reported by the media. She said that Hyun Joong wanted to arrange a free concert for all his fans for being with him for 10 years before he left in April for his MS. He wanted to celebrate his life with us. He wanted to be amongst us to commemorate his achievement! You see? This is the man we love. He wanted to do something for us. And he’s gone to the military saying he’s taking this concert as a debt that he has to repay. Oh God! How I love this boy! He is so sincere, loving, hard working and brilliant! He’s worked so hard for 10 years to earn such beautiful names – Walking statue, flower boy (although he hates that!), the charismatic actor, 4D king, Angel Prince! All this and more destroyed by one woman’s baseless allegations! My blood boils!

Kim Hyun Joong - Of our hearts!
Kim Hyun Joong – Of our hearts!

Hyun Joong was never given a chance to state HIS side of the events! The media were of no help! They just jumped to conclusions, branding my Hyun Joong as a bad person, made him look extremely negative in front of the general audience. They tainted his name and to some degree aided Choi in defaming Hyun Joong! Even today they wait till a statement is released from Choi’s side until they publish it in their blogs! Disgusting, pathetic, money eating vermins! Truth, accountability of the news and responsible journalism have all become to fancy words to tabloids like Allkpop, Soompi, Kpopstarz and Dispatch! There have been editorials written by silly little teenage brained authors, comments made by mud eating pompous brats criticizing Joongie at each and every step! Shame on them!

The recent one was where they had published his group photo in Military camp. And all I could see was shallow comments made on his appearances, saying he’s aged and intimating he uses make up and all kinds of shit! Well I’d like to know how they would look if they had a psycho running behind them, following their every move and making it “look” like they had a relationship even though there wasn’t! Would they still look even half as good as Hyun Joong looks now? I want to yell at them! Asking them to calm the eff down! If they don’t like Hyun Joong and they are tired of his news then they always have a choice of ignoring the it. Why keep speaking of bad things? What do they WANT from him? Jobless losers! Wasting time hating the sweetest and gentlest guy I have come across in a really long time!


Yes, I say sweetest and gentlest! Because he is! But you know what? Under all that bravado, the smiling face and the 4D-ness, there beats a heart filled with love, compassion, sincerity and gratitude! He’s always been grateful for having us! Heck! Look at our fandom’s name – Henecia – it is derived from the Latin word Blessings for God sake! Nobody, no matter how strong can’t bear constant negativity about them! And Hyun Joong has been bashed left, right and centre – for no fault of his! No, his only fault was to be nice to that psycho woman! Now look what has happened because of that! All those haters and naysayers who are calling him ugly should really shut the heck up! Is that the only way they measure their idol? By their looks? If so, then I pity them! When will those poor fools understand that we haven’t stayed back with him because of his looks or hot body! (Although I have to admit that’s a bonus! LOL).

Hyun Joong’s fans love him for his heart, his sincerity, his soul – calming voice, his naughtiness and his kindness! Get this! This lovely boy of ours donated funds for the surgery of the Siamese twins in China. Even in the midst of all the nastiness around him, he has taken his time out to extend a helping hand to ones who need it the most. He doesn’t do this for attention. No. He was even adamant that they NOT announce it. He just wanted to help out. Wanted to avoid drawing attention to him. Was this good deed of his reported by the media? NO! Seriously, they have lost credibility in front of all their readers! My question is – when they can jump to publish negative articles about him why is there a lag in publishing the good deeds he has been doing? Why haven’t the statements released by Lee Jae Man – his lawyer – been published with the same promptness with which they purported this whole false scandal?! Aren’t media supposed to be neutral in their reporting? Who’s controlling the release of content? The release of truth?

The dreamboat Hyun Joong!
The dreamboat Hyun Joong!

Let’s not leave his agency KeyEast behind! From the beginning of the scandal, till present – they have handled this issue with great apathy and disregard! Such incompetence! They did next to nothing in protecting HJ’s name! They were half the time clueless about what HJ was doing, they didn’t appoint a proper legal team to defend him! Heck! Fans knew more about his condition than those morons! And they release a statement just before he’s leaving saying they will support him! Hah! What a joke! I just want to appeal to these media houses and his talent agency to just let it be. Enough with the stupid charades. You’re not fooling anyone! It’s best they just leave Joongie to us! We’ll do a better job in making him shine than these incompetent and worthless fools!

I cannot begin to even imagine the pain Joongie and his family have been through! His decision to settle – thinking she would end it! Doing it quietly and alone so that his parents need not be worried as his mother had just had a major surgery! Bending to all her evil whims! Writing an apology letter, paying her money! Sitting alone in the dark with a candle – because the thought of that bitch following him had him traumatized! My heart aches for him. And his parents for having to see their younger son suffer so much in silence! It must have hurt them a lot! Mama Kim I think is the most fierce woman I have ever come across! She went and got the lawyer to see him! Made him speak to them! Papa Kim being the strong pillar for his son – loving him for who he is! Telling him to fight to clear his name! My million thanks to both of them! If not for their words, I don’t think baby would have taken the step to put Choi in her place! Now as Sir Lee Jae Man sets out to reveal the truth one by one I cannot help but boil, seethe and thank him and God for finally being kind on Joongie! His name is going to be cleared! No matter what bullshit the media prints or says, the truth will be out. And then we’ll all celebrate! We’ll show the haters why we stuck to Hyun Joong! We’ll show everyone what a wonderful man Kim Hyun Joong is! I am pretty sure that will happen soon!

Hyun Joong all smiles!
Hyun Joong all smiles!

My sincere thanks to all of you who have stood by him all this time and have been unshaken in your faith in him! I have derived so much strength thanks to all of you! Hyun Joong has great fans! They are like him – considerate, caring, affectionate and steadfast! I have made amazing new friends and have gotten closer to many other friends! And for that I am really grateful!

My message to Kim Hyun Joong (Even though I know he won’t be able to read it in the basecamp, if at all 😛 )

Joongie, you brave man! How much you have suffered! I wish there was a way I could show you how much matter to me and the rest of us! I hope you could see how precious you are to us. Don’t ever doubt yourself. You will always have Henecia & TripleS supporters rooting for you! We love you and we will support you no matter what! You look like you have lost a lot of weight and that worries me. Please eat well and do well in your training! Get back to us and we will celebrate your 10th anniversary together in 2017! Please don’t worry too much, you have hired a great lawyer. He shall fight for you and clear your name! Take care and do well!

Sorry for writing such a long post! I had to bring it all out. That’s all from me today. Until the next time…

*Spread love & happiness; not jealousy & hatred.

**All pictures are taken from the internet. Credit goes to owners.


12 thoughts on “Revelations and Frustrations!

  1. Thank you Malavika,
    As usual you write beautiful and to the point. Dear I admire your restraint, because is exactly what we all are trying to do, keep a level head as much as possible and by God I want to see that psycho locked up.
    I am so frustrated at the Injustice done to Hj and his family, at how Misunderstood and bad treated in SK and at the stupidity of some stuck up in their little world commenters, I did my ranting here and there but now I am just waiting for Justice to be done.
    Still this psycho need to be stopped and locked up prior Hj will come back from MS, because she is so obsessed to actually catch him that she will go and do more and more damage even now when all is in the open and all her lies are refuted one by one by Atty Lee she continue, I mean how sick she is. Kafka could not have written a better story…

    I never wished for someone to be shamed as I am wishing and waiting for this psycho to be exposed, yes exposed, because till now we are all venting our anger and frustration at a faceless and nameless psycho who is driving all off us up the wall with her lies.

    I will stop here cause my blood start boiling and it will really be a long comment in the end.

    Thanks again dear and the latest Pic of Hj just show that this man is shinning and on the mend our trainee leader!

  2. hey mala dnt be sry yar…if i was writing this post in ur place ,,i dnt knw what i hve written thn,,,whn ever i heard tht choi name,, i jst boil,,,hw she can do tht,,, shhhhhshshsh…….. bitch,,sry control nai hua….. and all those hater,,we all love kim hyun joong nt because he z so handsome,,its because we all love him,we love his passion towards music and most important fan,,he trust us,love us he always shw his kindness,honesty to everyone,,still u people dnt like him,,thn stop it yar…jst avoid him,,,,dnt pay much attention to him,,,,if u cant say a good word to any1 thn u dnt hve any rite 2 use wrong aor bullshit lang..plz,,,,it hurts us.. and really a special thnks frm my side also to all the khj fan who still stand and believe in him and upmost every1 still love him n follow him,,,love u guys 🙂 😦 hope one day i will meet with u all….. 🙂 😦 and khj pa nd mau r really a strong pillar to khj,,plz support him always…and kim hyun joong plz tke care of urself,,thin or thin we always with u..we love u n miss u…come bck soon :-)…..and malavika plz keep writng,,,i love ur post and i hope i 2 some day meet u yar ,,miss u and u 2 take care of urself and stay happy,,,,god bless u dr.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Great article. Please upload in alkpop and the rest of the trash media for haters to read. Sami, Lotus, tylerii etc are doing a good job there.

  4. Great article. Praying that this nightmare for KHJ, his parents, family and fans ends soon. So true about the bias media reporting. Thanks to you and lazerkim, for getting the truth out, keep fighting the good fight, it’s greatly appreciated.!!!

  5. Thank you very much – very good article. I cried when I read an interview with his parents. More than anything – I want to Hyun Joon and his parents were happy. I pray for him.

  6. great article. I can hear you forcing yourself to stay on track and not get sidetracked with frustration at “That Woman”, and The Trash Media, but you did a good job of keeping on topic, which is that KHJ is exactly who we knew he was, and that we can be proud of him, then, now, and in the future. I personally don’t care about the concert for fans since living in the US I’d never be able to attend, but for him to not be able to keep his promise I’m sure it was very hard. How about we all stick around for 2 Years, and when he returns do as much as we can to get his Good NAME out there… and support whatever he does. I’m an old SS501 fan, so I’d love to see the boys do a concert for everyone, possibly for a charity? but that may be problematic for all of them to do.. but bottom line, you’re still here, I’m still here, and those fans that Knew the truth will always be there for him. Yes!!! Thank GOD for his parents, who finally stepped up to help him, he just needed to realize that he didn’t have to do it all alone. I hope the lawyer lives up to his words and fights the Good fight.

    1. I too am in the states and will not be able to attend but I am thankful very much that what I first saw in KHJ is the true, a wholesome Spirit. Yes, even in the midst of his own storm he still saw fit ti help others. This character of KHJ is what others did not and can not see. I thank God that we stood firm and stood strong to support him. From now on he will know that he will never have to face any situation alone. Don’t worry for those who will be able to attend that concert, he will do it upon his return, just wait.

  7. thank you for your wonderful article….
    have a great job as ever….hwaiting ms.malavika! ^_^v
    may God bless khj,his family, big henecia familiy, Ms.malavika n me…^_^v

  8. Love this… Straight to the point and boy, I agree with everything… You controlled your language well, as I would have cursed more. I am at my boiling point as well. How can they drag someone like KHJ as sweet and kind he is, thru this. Effed up world. Once KHJ is cleared can his lawyer sue the media bull shitters? So sick of them too, and they need to PAY FOR THEIR SINS AS WELL….GO HYUN JOONG…YOU CAN SHOW THEM… LOVE YOU SO MUCH…..

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