My strong man Kim Hyun Joong.

You, Me, Us and Kim Hyun Joong!

WELL! Things have heated up pretty quickly in the fans stratosphere hasn’t it? Fans divided over what to speak, what not to speak. The quiet ones judging the loud ones for being brainless. The loud ones mocking the silent ones asking what their purpose of keeping quiet is. Now, I had decided that I wouldn’t fall into this fight. But after a point, I decide to address it and put things to rest.

The unbreakable bond that we share!
The unbreakable bond that we share!

If you have observed the pattern by now, you will know that many media houses aren’t being very forthcoming in spreading the truth about HJ by publishing Lee Jae Man Sir’s statements said in the interviews! Heck! They haven’t even had the decency to publish a proper translation of the lovely letter he wrote for us on the day he enlisted! It was fans who did it & shared it around so that the others can read it.You see what I mean? We have made better PR for him than the company he was under. Then on 16th May, they released the news of HJ’s lawyer refuting Choi’s claim of miscarriage. And that had a statement from Choi’s side too saying they have enough “text messages” as proof (LOL!). Do you all get it now? They didn’t publish it till they got some statement from her side too. What do we do at this time? Simple, speak about it ourselves. Spread the news about HJ being innocent. Can you trust them to be unbiased and publish the case’s proceedings on time?No. We have all learnt the lesson from last August. Let’s take it upon ourselves shall we?

He still smiled for all of us through his pain.
He still smiled for all of us through his pain.

Infact, HJ himself has said that he himself did not know what was happening until he saw the speculations we, as fans have been making. He said that he drew strength from us. He gained courage from us. All this happened because we were vocal about it, we screamed ourselves hoarse! Now, aren’t you all glad that we did that, asking HJ to not backdown without a fight? Do you all realize how much power we all have together? Do you realize how important we all are for Hyun Joong?

Now, I got to know that some fans had problems with some of us using bad words for Choi. Really? After all those words that people called Hyun Joong last year and are even calling now, they expect us to be polite? To be honest, I am not the one to swear but somehow with this woman, the words just pour out. And besides, what each one of us say in our tweets is ours and our business alone. There is no need for people to point it out and get all judgmental about it! Don’t like a tweet? Ignore it! You have a problem with that, talk to that person about it, there’s no need to pull imaginary ranks and question one’s love for HJ.

I'm amazed by the amount of strength he has displayed.
I’m amazed by the amount of strength he has displayed.

No one. And I mean no one has the authority to ask anyone if they are true fans or not! Let me make this very clear – My love for Hyun Joong is my business. Nobody has the rights to question it or look down upon it. What gives one the right to judge other people’s love? Is there a set measure for it? Do people realize how stupid they are being?!

Just one sincere request to all Hyun Joong fans who don’t agree with me. I understand that we have a difference in opinion. But please note that everybody is entitled to their opinion. Stop this judging! Focus on Hyun Joong and your lives in the next two years. Stop attacking people in the same fandom, calling each other names. Do you know how cheap all this comes across as? Fine, do not tweet about the news or use bad words for Choi. But understand you have no rights to stop others from tweeting it.

At the end of the day, we are all just fans for Hyun Joong. We are all EQUAL to him! He is thankful for each and every one of us for being with him through thick and thin! Each of us show our love to our Joongie in our own way. Just cut this stupid name calling and move on! You see once the fandom starts thinking that they are bigger than the idol they love – problems arise. We need to wake up before it gets too out of hand. We might not always see eye to eye but we all love Hyun Joong. Give each other space.

All things aside, I am really glad that Hyun Joong finally used some sense and decided to hire Lee Jae Man Sir to defend his case. Mr. Lee is a prolific lawyer who also teaches & has written text books on law. Rest assured that he will teach that lying thief some lessons too! He will do his job. Let us do our job by supporting him and sharing all news about his interviews. In marketing I have heard that word of mouth is the best method of spreading the word. If enough number of people make a note of it and speak about it then there will pressure on Choi’s side to come clean. If we just keep quiet, she will remain in safe in the false cocoon she built for herself by fooling us. I’m talking about that apology letter where HJ had asked us to not speak about her or seek her out- the letter which she got modified and approved until only whatever she wanted was written. This was said by Lawyer Lee. Not me.

My blood boils every time I think of how much trauma she has inflicted on our sweet Hyun Joong! The panic he was in. The accusations by media, the bad mouthing. And he had to endure it all alone! You see, Hyun Joong is someone who just takes the blame if he thinks that that would help quieten the whole situation. And that’s what he did up until now. I’m glad he didn’t continue doing it. My heart aches when I think of him in that situation, all alone! Imagine the psychological trauma he would have gone through? That woman didn’t just stop at him. She went for his family, his friends & even his fans. She’s despicable and needs to be taught a lesson! She must know people are watching out for her. Waiting to see her next move. I’m sure Lee Sir will fire back the minute she comes up with another lie! Oh I am so grateful to Lee Jae Man Sir for taking up HJ’s case! I can finally sayconfidently that justice shall be served!

Kim Hyun Joong - OUR Only One.
Kim Hyun Joong – OUR Only One.

Many thanks to all those who have been translating his interviews from Hangul to Chinese, Japanese, English and many other native languages so that all of us can read! Ever so grateful! Leaving you all with the one thing that Lawyer Lee said when the reporters asked him what Hyun Joong wants from all this:

“Hyun Joong Just Wants The Truth To Be Revealed.”

*Spread love & happiness; not jealousy & hatred.

**All pictures are taken from the internet. Credit goes to owners.


48 thoughts on “You, Me, Us and Kim Hyun Joong!

  1. hi…
    thank you for wonderful article…^_^
    i am agreed with you 1001%…just my opinion…let us take positively about the silent fans…maybe they are silent because they had daughters and they dont want what they had cursed on choi will turn back on their daughters even though ewww,who wants that! doesnt mean i support the silent fans! well, its just childish opinion anyway…and of course, i dont like the fandom fights because nothin good will come out….however, without fight, we dont know this matter could actually happening and want to take over rather hj,himself…
    May god bless khj, his family, big henecia family, ms.malavika and me….^_^v

    1. Thank you so much for your wishes Dee! See I wasn’t blaming them one bit. I still don’t. But its annoying when these so called silent ones start judging. We’re not judging them one bit. It’s the ones who are making noise being called all sorts of things. I’ve been bullied for 8 years of my life when I was growing up. Damned if I put up with it again! That being said. It’s ok if they want to keep silent. Just don’t demand the others to do that as well… Sigh. I feel awful about it too! I hope we put aside all these differences and get along like before… Fighting! ~♥~

  2. I agree with everything you’ve said here, unnie. It’s really bizarre of them to behave like they have the right to dictate what’s right or wrong when they don’t have an idea themselves. I am not brainless; might I add. I did my own homework and I don’t see how revealing her would do any damage to the case. What will she do? Make more lies? Psychological trauma? She cannot hurt HJ more than she already has. A third party’s force or action will not result to any damage to Hyun Joong. She cannot blame HJ for it. Why would HJ be responsible for a third party’s decision? Beyond my understanding. Even if she does make up shit, I’m sure Mr. Lee could easily refute it. As of now the whole world is questioning her pregnancy. Do you think she will be able to do ANYTHING once people start RECOGNISING her face? She will be handicap to do anything. Especially if she is continuously lying since 2014. The fact that she thinks she can hurt HJ and extort money from him without getting into trouble is what gives her the power. The power to scare these fans into wetting themselves at her name. It’s ridiculous to me. Also, these veterans should loosen their reigns on the fandom xD They’re simply fans, at the end of the day. Nothing more. Just a fan. XD God knows what gives them the ego xD what’s the point of it anyway? xD will never understand! Sorry for ranting here, unnie. I hope you keep on writing. Looking. Forward for more!

    1. Hey cutie my baby! 🙂
      I think we have spoken enough about this everywhere we could! Fans are just fans. Adore the man who’s your idol. Make others happy by sharing news with them. Why all the secrecy? I’m seriously tired of all of this imaginary power struggles! It’s so funny! Where do people get time? XD I hope all this dies down in a while coz it doesn’t bode well on the fandom! Rest is upto them. Their choice!

    2. Well said Nix baby… Fans are just Fans at the end of the day!!For sure in Hj eyes all his FANS are Equals!

    3. All we need to do now is to support him to the very end nd pray that all this problem will be over before oppa comes back.i dont want oppa to suffer from anymore because of this ms choi or wateva she calls herself.

  3. Hello!! Thank you for this great articles… As I was busy for voting and loving, I didn’t even knew there was fight on the fandom, sorry… I was thinking we don’t have time for that… But as you wrote here, I think it was important and good think that you made it clear!!Let’s just Love HJ 🙂 Love you all too ❤

    1. Hahaha! You have been doing the right thing Vahya! Please continue doing it! If we continue to show our love and support to HJ there won’t be any fights! LOL! Well said! Love you loads! Thanks for reading my post! 🙂 ❤

      1. it was the first time i read this, and sure i’ll continue!!! you have a good way writing 🙂 Thank you for sharing ❤

  4. Hope lawyer defends him good. All lies exposed. He gain what he lost. So sad what happened to him. Imagine reading what netizens bashed u with. They are so cruel. Can’t get his sad face out of my mind.Makes me cry. He looks really depressed.

    1. Exactly! He had to go through all that alone. We all know how ruthless netizens can be. So, now when things are being revealed, I don’t see why we still need to keep quiet. That is just my opinion, people are free to take it or not. But I do expect them to leave us alone instead of opressing the others who want to speak out! Same here. Did you notice how scrawny his neck looks in the selfie with his friend? I am so concerned about him now. He’s suffered and it looks clearly on his face. Poor baby! I’m just really glad for Lee Jae Man Sir for taking up his case. The truth shall be revealed.

      1. Yes, the photo which he took with a friend really haunt me. It’s like it is not him, more like someone who is very sick. I wonder if it is a photo badly shot or it is what it is. In the enlistment photo, he also does not look good and I am quite sad to see his members not there. Hope to see a brighter photo of him after basic training n also hope he did not have a hard time over there. Thanks for the wonderful article.

      2. We all have differences in opinion, you can air what you want to say but as long as your words are not offending. Might as well, just message that person privately. You see, if there are new fans that what to join the fandom, and she will know that there is a bad air between the members, im sure she will think twice of joining, right?

  5. Thank you, Malavika. It was nice to have you and LazerKim during this nightmare. I am glad you supported him and defended him courageously. I also defended him in the comment boxes of several trash medias. And our work has been rewarded, since he is so grateful and we managed to give him strenght. I agree, that the fandom must be united. Since we are people from all over the world, of course there will be different opinions, but we must not allow small matters to disturb us, to blame one another and to expect thing, if they are not given voluntarily. I hope KHJ is well, I pray for him every night. I look forward to the results of the trial in court and I expect a huge apology from all trash media. They should pay some compensation for what they have done. Because the liar-Choi could not make such a mess without the support of Dispatch, Allkpop, Soompi, etc.

    1. Hey Mitka!
      Such a cute name! 🙂 I agree with each and every word you say! I hope all those naysayers are eating their words right now! Morons! She’s gonna have to clean up her mess! You just wait and watch honey! ❤ Fighting!

      1. Thank you, Malvi, this is my real first name / I am Bulgarian/. I have read your site only a few times, but I am staring to be regular reader from now on. I am tired of the comments of the haters, still, after so much lies have been revealed… But I will keep defending him. Let`s stay strong, be united and be KHJ`s shelter. I pray for him everynight.

      2. Wow! Bulgaria! So wonderful to meet you! 🙂 Me too mitka! But don’t worry, we’ll soon be singing the “I told you so” song! My name is Malavika by the way. Nice to meet you 🙂 ❤

  6. Thank you so much Malavika for this article. You are absolutely right I agree in every words you said. It is so painful just to think about what Hyun Joong has gone through. i did not imagine that the choi woman is actually a blackmailer too. Actually while i’m following his nightmare i ‘m not only thinking about what’s happen to him. i often think about what happen to a person an ordinary people in this society who has been judged by public because of trash medias had distorted the information and keep reporting one side story.. Knowing him it gave me more pain because I believe I know him much more than the one who condemned him know the blackmailer choi

    What can we do with the trash medias because i think Choi woman may created the scandal but the trash medias were the one who continue spreading the distorted information and made all stigma toward hyun Joong. The blackmailer could not manipulate public and use public to support her crime if the medias did not abuse their professional ethic. I really want to see a punishment toward these medias for using their professional privilege to destroy a person life and put his life in danger.

    Again thank you so much for your thoughtful and beautiful article. Yes. we have to focus more on what we are going to do for the coming 2 years before he return .

    1. Thank you so much for reading my post Bella! Yes that’s right. The media has unnecessarily dragged and pulled HJ’s name. She cleverly got him to modify the letter until she had herself covered! UGH! I cannot imagine what Joongie would have been through! Yeah, let’s focus on getting our act together for the next two years! ❤

  7. Hi Mal,
    Thank you for another good written article. From my understanding based on KHJ’s view, he does not differentiate between his fans.Our fandom is consists of many diverse people with diverse cultures, norms and values who have different views. Everybody is free to voice out their opinion and we shall respect each other way of thinking and views.What shall we do now that MOST IMPORTANT of all is spread the truth and provide him the support that he needs. I do believe any injustice should be voiced out and legal action must be taken to prevent anybody from taking advantage such as in KHJ’s situation.
    Remember that all of us love KHJ and we need to be UNITED and act as ONE loud voice to the world.

    1. Hi Hazelle!
      Thank you very much for reading my post 🙂 I agree with you one hundred percent! Hyun Joong must be our priority with spreading the truth as our objective. Fighting! ❤

  8. thank you so much and I so agree with what your saying and yes HJ is young but seriously choi is old enough to know what she doing is wrong yet she continue to say she the victim and as for those so call media house they are bunch of dumb people working there and i don’t call theme journalist i call them bias
    Mr lee is really doing a great job and he know that media house wouldn’t translate his statement that why he going on tv because they can’t silent the true and the true will come out
    people that still believe this crazy woman is the deluded one not us because they believe a liar over honest man and that is so wrong
    yes we must show love and not hate because crazy choi want us to agree with each other

    1. True Angie! Key is to be together and work towards the truth. Not block each other and worked against each other. A little understanding is all that is needed. No more depending on media. Let’s do it ourselves! Fighting! ❤

  9. He had not had time to comment on the blog, but I noticed a while and read your note and I really love how and what you write, which I think is such.
    For my part bothers me a bit that some fans the authority to tell others that they should or should not do is give, you are tired of being silent, and if some want to say something about it, talk as they want that bitch, are in their right, since by twitter, Facebook or whatever means, is your space … therefore have the right and express as they please. While not defame false News, I think everything is valid.
    Everyone loves a different way and you can not expect everyone to respond in the same way against the demon of that fucking bitch (sorry, I hate to end)

    And as well Malavika said at the end of the day we are all fans of KHJ <3: 3

    Moreover, why not reveal the true face of that bitch? If she had feared that to happen, she would have closed all their social networks, starting with his twitter ….

    1. Hi Gabby!
      I agree with you one hundred percent. Nobody has the right to judge one’s love or one’s messages. I don’t know when all this name calling will stop. But I’m going to ignore them and just speak the truth so that the truth will be shown to all. And about calling bad names – I think we all have seen HJ been trashed left and right. Why would I stop calling her names? In my defense I haven’t said anything that doesn’t suit her. KEKEKEKE!
      Eagerly waiting for the 3rd of June! Fighting! ❤

  10. Hello Mal!
    Thank you for sharing this blog in expressing yourself. Pls do allow me to borrow this space. I’ll get this straight, there are certain points that i cannot disclose in my site simply bcoz there’s a gentleman monitoring my site. Not that I’m putting myself to a certain limit in expression maybe just putting everything in its right time.

    I agree with what you wrote, we are all different in ways and opinion, some may be supporting HJ in silence and others are vocal specially in terms of injustice just like what KHJ experienced. We’re all different, this I think is just a matter of respecting one another ways and views.

    I don’t belong to any fan club since the start, in fact I barely use Henecia in my writings neither would I want to be identified to any FC label. Simply because I tend to write what I feel and think. In short, I don’t allow anyone to dictate to me what I write in my blog! Sorry about that! That’s just me myself if I make a mistake then I’m solely responsible!

    Do you know why Choi is manipulative? Because we allowed her to be that by remaining silent including KHJ although now we know the reason so I don’t blame him at all. The media of course have the same agenda with Choi in destroying KHJ. Yes I was wondering for months why is it the FC were all so silent all those months! To the extent of suppressing other fans in voicing out! WHY??

    Honestly I myself felt as if I was alone in openly defending KHJ! I’m just glad some of my readers supported! Everyone seemed to be scared of Choi! WHY?? I guess nobody knows that KHJ pulls out his strength from his fans. Don’t you get it? He wanted to be defended,

    Of course! This is a simple common sense a natural human feeling that if you feel being oppressed by injustice, don’t you at least want to know someone is defending you? Why do we need to be told literally? I’m just asking. KHJ is not a self serving type of person who would put out on DEFEND ME campaign of course not! After writing series of aricles for months pertaining this nightmare finally he’s doing the right thing which I’m truly glad! That gave him the courage to fight back!

    I may be guilty for calling Choi such names, but this is nothing to compare with those haters calling KHJ such and such for years until those haters started calling him woman beater which was never been true. Then why can’t I call Choi names too? Why would I respect a person who dosen’t respect herself and has no respect to others? I’m just asking!

    And another thing, I hope FC seniority complex would be eliminated in the fandom! KHJ sees his fans EQUALLY so let’s not forget that! I believe respect is being gained and not being demanded! I have written this in my old articles because I was once also a victim of seniority complex fr so-called veterans in the past years which I have to endure just to keep my blog for KHJ active!

    We are fans all the same level I believe! And that is how it has to be I think! Regardless of color, language, culture, religious belief, nation, developed or under developed countries, rich or poor, young or old, or even countries at war. Let there be peace in the fandom.

    Let’s treat one another as equal, respect the elders as elders respect the new generation. No old or new comer, irregardless for how long or short time we have been supporting KHJ, this should not matter at all! Let’s have equal rights.

    In fact new fans should be welcomed in the fandom with open arms. I too was a victim, and this is why I wouldn’t want it to be done to other fans specially the new ones. Fandom should be to multiply not divide or subtract. Defend your camp do not let it burn out specially at this time we have to stay united. This is just my personal opinion, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.

    Lastly, I would prefer to allow KHJ camp to reveal Choi’s identity, that’s more credible instead of fans exposing her. It won’t be long and she’ll be exposed so I hope we can just wait for that. But definitely she has to be exposed, it just have to come from the right party to expose her.

    Thank you again Mal for this space that took me a long read post, forgive me! As I’ve said there are points that i cannot disclose in my blog because of that gentleman, and plural I think gentlemen!! LOL
    Pls do keep up with your writings and we shall be reading from you! Take care and God bless..

    LazerKim here!

    1. Oh LK! You said the words right out of my mouth! I agree with everything you said and I have experienced whatever you have mentioned. Hyun Joong, in his letter expressed that he drew courage from the fans who were speculating and addressing things that he couldn’t say himself. I am happy that he was able to help himself up by listening to us fans speak out and defend him with all we’ve got. Defending someone, standing up for someone when times are rough for that person can really have a huge magical effect on the person’s self confidence. We need to address this issue and be vocal about it. Hyun Joong’s friends have started being vocal about her. Why are we holding back? It’s unfair for HJ that his own fans refuse to defend him or open their mouth. Some of them hardly ever talk about the issue at all. If they’re so senior, why not use their power to openly address the issue? I don’t think they understand that Choi is afraid of US! She is terrified of what fans can do and will do. That is why in that letter she asked us to not blame her or anything because she knew she’d be fucked if fans find her out. Isn’t that obvious by now? XD

    2. Lazerkim you have touch my heart in many points . I understood your point really well and admire you for that.I can say without your articles we probably weaken and hopeless with ourselves because of exhaustion from the distorted fact that keep feeding us for months.

    3. Thank you for sharing these words..
      This is what I feel too.
      And we all know what a fan club is for it is just to support idols nothing more.
      The first thing that we have to be concerned is the person and our thoughts on him…
      Nobody has right to control other fans.
      And to be frank in fanclub your age or since how long you are fan its not what matters…!
      Just have to love your idol in your way thats all!

    4. Hi Unnie!
      Thank you for reading my post! I agree with each and every word you said! Yes, I know the gentleman whom you are referring to 🙂 It’s better none of this reaches him.
      I share your sentiments on the so called seniority. Who is creating all this? What makes them the authority on how much people love Hyun Joong? And most of all, why are they bent on not letting others question her? The apology letter was modified until only those things Choi wanted was put in it. It is now null and void. Why do people still think they need to quiet? Some say that it might hurt legal proceedings. How is that? The more noise is made, the more people will sit up and talk.
      I have been the target of bullying too. Hence, my decision of not using any fan club’s name henceforth. I mean no disrespect to anyone but this is my blog and I will write what I want. It’s not fair on anyone’s part to dictate what I can write or not write. That’s just plain stupidity.
      Yes, you are right. This is the time to be together and ensure the truth is brought out and spoken about. We should always be nice to new fans (I’m relatively new myself. Have known him since early 2014) as they are apprehensive and come with a fear of being accepted or not. It’s upto the ones who already know about him to guide them and make them feel welcome. And THAT is how you gain respect. Not by putting down others and demanding it. LOL!
      Yes, I’ll take your word of advice, will not reveal her until HJ’s camp do themselves. Yes, she has to be exposed so that she knows people are watching her. She should spend her days scared, afraid that someone would catch her. The way our Hyun Joong was too upset to face the world! Damn! I feel so awful when I think of him that way 😦 I mean, Unnie! See his face! How can you not try protect him?? If people still don’t want to then fine, we understand. No pressure. But don’t stop the others from doing it. That’s not what an FC does! Corect me if I’m wrong but an FC’s main goal is to promote the artist and spread news about him so that more and more people are aware of the artist and not make rules that oppress others and interfere in their personal opinions. Sorry for ranting. But I’m done with judgmental people. I have no patience. LOL! I support you 100% in all your opinions. Please feel free to drop by and leave in your comments anytime! It’s my pleasure to speak with someone straightforward like you! Thank you so much for your encouragement. Means a lot to me.
      Loads of love to you!
      Malavika 🙂

    5. Hi LK!

      I don’t usually leave comments but when I read your comment, I couldn’t help but to reply to your comment. I am SO glad you wrote all of this and I agree with everything you said 100%! You touched on many good points and to be honest…I am pretty quiet and I am not the type of person to voice out my opinions let alone be able to defend someone, but once I found out the TRUTH that Hyun Joongie had to endure all that bitch’s blackmails ALONE WITHOUT any REAL PROFESSIONAL legal help, I just couldn’t just sit back quietly anymore and let history repeat itself AGAIN! Now that I know thanks to Lawyer Lee’s interviews, that Hyun Joong had to endure all that witch’s blackmail alone for I don’t even know how many months, how can I just sit back quietly and NOT defend him especially now that I know that he actually draws STRENGTH from us?! To be honest, I only “discovered” Hyun Joong 2 months prior to when the first scandal erupted and since I was still researching and getting to know him as a person, I have to admit…I had my doubts at first and I was confused. BUT like you once said to me in your blog, “Once you are caught under Hyun Joong’s magic spell, there is no escaping.” Lol You are caught for life and you were right. There was just something PURE, GENUINE, and SPECIAL about him that I knew I had to stay and find out the details. Luckily, I met some fans (shout out to Nixie!) who were patient enough to explain and clear up my confusion. Now that the truth is all being revealed slowly one by one, I am SO glad I decided to stay by his side and find out the real truth behind this whole mess! “Discovering” Hyun Joong was honestly one of the BEST things that has ever happened in my life and I never once regretted my decision to stay and be his fan and now that I know the real truth, I am SO glad I did!

      Now I am doing my best to spread out the truth by retweeting all of Lawyer’s Lee’s interviews in English on twitter so that international fans can know the real truth as well, but how else can I help in defending Hyun Joong and voicing out the real truth behind all her lies? I have thought about leaving comments on English sites like allkpop and soompi of just Lawyer’s Lee’s interview English translations so that international readers will read about the real truth since these English sites aren’t doing a very good job at reporting the REAL FACTS here! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help DEFEND our Only One’s name and reputation. I really want to help and do my best in defending him now that I know the truth.

      I am really glad Hyun Joong is in MS right now as I think he would be really sad to see his fans fighting amongst ourselves and judging each other when we should be focusing all our attention in just supporting and loving him especially right now…remember his letter he read to us in his 2011 showcase concert? He was really sad and felt really “small” and “useless” when he saw fans fighting with each other because he couldn’t do anything about it…I really do hope we will all put our differences aside and just please RESPECT each other’s opinions if not for each other, please at least do it for him. We all can agree to simply love and support him so let’s just focus on doing that~ ^^

      Yes, I agree with both you and Princess Mal that Hyun Joong loves us all equally so let’s please treat each other the same way with respect and as equals, please. I also agree that it would be more credible for KHJ camp to reveal Choi’s identity, but yes! She definitely has to be exposed so that she cannot do anymore harm!

      I am so sorry for this loooooooong comment Princess Mal. I guess this makes up for all those times I never leave comments lol. Thank you so much for giving me this space to comment and thank you for writing this article and having the courage to bring up many concerns and problems that have arisen within the fandom. I also agree with everything you wrote and I support you 100%~ ❤ Keep it up sweetie~ ❤


    6. oh,ms.Lk…i dont know whether i should tell you or not but by thinking,my hand is typing…hahaha
      i had read ur story about being rookie fan vs veteran fan yesterday,now i know that u had also the experienced about fandom fight…well, it pop up suddenly, n i forget where i had read that, its just the timing is perfect…hahaha i like the timing… but the past fights are unreasonable, so that at this time…
      May god bless khj, his family, big henecia family, ms.LK n ms.Malavika….^_^v

  11. Well said malvi. It is about time to shut her up. All this while she has been playing the game and seems to be the all time winner. She knew she can fool HJ cos he is the kind of naive guy. I m kind of new fan here, so please correct me if i m wrong. If people said that may be because he is on screen that’s why he potray his good behaviour, a big mistake, totally big. A person will not be acting all the time on screen, there will be times the true colour of that person can be seen. Looking at his previous vids, can see that his character and personality are not fake, it is him, the real Kim Hyun Joong. For that I respect him for being himself.
    Thank you for sharing, really love reading yours.

    1. Hi Lailaa!
      Thank you so much for reading my post. I share your sentiments. HJ is an extremely gullible boy who needs protection from piranhas like her! I’m a relatively new one too. Welcome to the fandom! ❤ It's gonna be amazing here! Yes, you are right. He's been on the media for 10 years! No way can he act fake all the time! And people with common sense will understand that!

  12. Well said. I think Mr Lee is a must in his profession: so glad he defends our HJ. My poor little prince is so courageous but so naive and so kind!! I agree with you about to be loud and defend HJ. JYJ won because their fans were very noisy and defended them. So we can do like them. Trash medias will hear us. I don’t support injustice. HJ suffered too much and alone: this virus/parasite must be punished and go to jail and trash medias (like her supporters) eat their s***t (sorry but they are so disgusting and pathetic). For information, I am not a young woman at all 🙂
    I hope you understand my poor english!

    1. Hello honey!
      Well grammar doesn’t matter! I understood every word of what you said! Why should we still keep our quiet when he’s suffering so much? You know that he has drawn courage from all of us. Why don’t we continue doing that? It’s time we showed people what his fans are going to be like. We shall be those who will spread news about Hyun Joong everywhere! We are the best PR for him. His company did nothing for him anyway!

  13. Malavika,
    Thank you darling, this is BRILLIANT and very well said and right to the point.
    Yes Atty. Lee is doing an amazing job and can’t wait to see the day that all lies of the bitch choi and her lawyer, who I really hope will be disbarred, will be out in the open.
    I do hope that will be a lesson to all other piranhas who plan to do that kind of play with someone’s life.
    Because above all she played with a human life in destroying it for greed. That is pure evil. Never imagined something like this can be real, in fiction movies …but in real life??

    1. Thank you for reading it Noya! LOL you are right. He deserves to be disbarred! And she must be sent away for putting Hyun Joong through so much!
      You are right, she did play with a human’s life! She never had the right to do that!
      Maybe she is delulu you know? Imagining things!

    2. I am a 68 years old, a mother, and a grandmother and I can honestly say I never knew a person can be this evil. Yes, I am seen, heard, and read many stories but I can’t think of any that comes close to what she was doing and trying to do. This is a good example of what the Bible refers to when stated , ” you would have been better to kill your brother with a knife than with your tongue “. There is a place for her and all the others who judged him without cause.

      1. Respect for you, Lena.This is what I was thinking as well. I have never imagined that such a person can exist in real life. I thought this happens only in the movies. I guess that this is why he believed her in first place, how can someone blame him. Noone can imagine that a girl will pretend to be pregnant and miscarriage.

      2. Hello Unnie! (May I call you that?)
        Thank you very much for reading my blog! So honored to make your acquaintance! You are right! She has really played with his life by hampering his image. I hope she meets her comeuppance! And I hope it happens soon!

  14. Great Words Malvi, although I disagree about calling choi words like B***h or so but I am in for spreading the interviews of Mr Lee everywhere, and at the end just like you said every body shows their love for Hyun Joong differently.

    1. Thank you Tina! 🙂 You are right! Everyone has their methods of speaking. No point sitting and judging people. Let’s just do our part in the next two years & wait for him to come back ❤ Fighting!
      Thanks so much for reading my post with a calm head & sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it! 🙂

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